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The importance of secret phone numbers, call lists, sms with private detective eyes.

Almost every day, at least 2-3 phone inquirers are looking for partner loyalty issues, and I usually receive 1-2 emails per week for subscribers of secret phone numbers, husband and wife, occasionally lover, baby calls from their mobile phones or incoming call lists, Sms messages and other related data.

My experience with the work I've completed is that most of those who are in the process of buying up to 5-10,000,- Ft (HUF) for the purchase of up-to-date mobile phones that are available for 5 to 10,000 are fully logical to use for more secure telephone and other electronic communications with external connections, so that the interested self or wife The call records of the subscription phone number registered by the family business, and the sms messages do not give the relevant data in the case. 

Over the past few years, it has been possible to read and hear several times when a person who has access has illegally requested anonymous civilian calls from another provider of the caller's list of unauthorized third parties. It was unjustified that his claim was unjustified, unfortunately, the subsequent investigation found that these were in the interests of a private investigator and his clients. In the public domain, partly due to such and similar cases, it is unfortunate that it is worthwhile to turn to a private investigator for the illegal purchase of telephone call lists and sms. 

Of course, just like everywhere, many of the public service providers and other official places are in charge of the work of law enforcement employees, and most of the citizens do not ask for or do not claim it, which is unlawful but unfortunately there are negative examples as well As in all areas of life. 


Haiszky Ernő Zoltán PI.